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How to solve this problem: (File: boot/bcd) (Statu:0xc000000f)

when i restart may PC Hp Windows 7 i found myself with black screen write below (file: Boot/BCD) (Status : 0xc000000f)

and i don't know what to do now i am asking for a solution

can anyone help me

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thank you gay's i had fixed this problem with formatting the machine

i am so happy with your answers

- de

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@saif7 since you reformatted your drive and it still does not work, check to make sure that your boot partition is active. If you follow the link from the above answer, there are a few repair options for this. You also want to check the solution for this offered by HP on here You did not tell us how you tried to fix it or if you are using more than one disk etc. The more information you give us the better the chance of getting an answer that will work for you.

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This is unfortunately a semi-common issue that I have dealt with in the past. You can follow the guide here to attempt to repair the Boot Configuration Data (BCD), or you can install the same version of Windows on the same hard drive but on a different partition to rebuild the BCD completely, which has worked for me in the past.

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thank you !!!but i have formatted my pc before i read your answer but had tried this solution before and it didn't worked translate

- de

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