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Unidad My Passport de Western Digital. Disco duro externo portátil USB 3.0.

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Why cant I Reformat my passport ultra 2TB?

My passport ultra 2TB hard drive is inaccessible and I am unable to reformat. when in "Disk Management" it shows up as RAW format. I am unable to reformat it to NTFS. Disk Management says reformat failed every time.

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I've given up on disk management. Use diskpart

I've had to use diskpart on 3 drives recently with 100% success.

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Didn't work. :(

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Time to get medieval on its ash!

If GParted can't get it going, nothing will. If you can't get it working using the instructions in that link, its safe to assume the drive is damaged.

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worked like a charm for me cheers mate im eternally grateful(Toy story little green aliens voice)

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