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El C700 es un portátil para PC económico lanzado en 2008 por Hewlett-Packard Company, o HP, a través de su subsidiaria Compaq.

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Question 1:  Why does my laptop keep shutting down?

While using my laptop it continues to shut down mid use. Why is this happening?

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The most likely reason for your laptop to shut down mid-use is that the cooling fan has built up debris in it, causing it to be unable to cool the device. This makes your laptop overheat and turn off. I would recommend using canned air to blow out the vents leading to the fan. These are located on the side and bottom of the laptop. If the issues persists, you can open the device up and check to see if there is debris build up in the fan or if it requires replacement. To get to the fan to clean or replace it, follow the instructions in this guide.

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