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The Samsung NP-N130-JA01US 10.1 inch Netbook PC was released April 23, 2010 and runs the Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system.

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Why is my laptop shutting down when it overheats?

Whenever I use my laptop for an hour or so it starts to get hot, especially below the keyboard and mouse, and then it suddenly shuts down without warning. I don’t want to throw away my computer, how can I fix this?

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For this specific computer, the NP-130 Samsung. The fan tends to be smaller than your usually laptop computer.

The circulation inside that cools the computer is weak and can cause heat, which makes the computer shut down completely.

Best would be to clean the Fan from dust, the build up of dust is the main cause for the fan to not operate at its full potential.

Also, replacing the fan may be a better idea, if you reference yourself back to the Guide about Fan, it will explain full how to replace the fan if needed.

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Cleaning the fan should help if its clogged up, but at six years old the thermal paste on the system is likely dried up and crusty. A laptop this old should have it's thermal paste replaced. If blowing dust from the fan doesn't seem to help I'd recommend looking up a video on how to disassemble the computer and clean off the old paste and replace it with something like Arctic Silver 5.

Also you can check the temperatures using a program like HWMonitor (free, you can find it just by googling the name). The program will show you the reported temperatures of each core of your CPU. They should stay under 90C or so while you're using the computer. If they're going higher then you definitely need to replace thermal paste, and if they're still too high after that then you may need to replace the whole heatsink as well.

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All laptops shut down when they overheat. This is done to avoid permanent damage, etc, etc.

To prevent it from further overheats in the future, I'd recommend using a can of compressed air to blow out each of the vents that your computer uses as cooling. If you want to, you can actually disassemble the entire laptop and do a thorough cleaning of the likely very dirty fan.

On the software side of things, check your Task Manager when the computer is on. Take note of any processes that use excessive amounts of CPU time or consume large amounts of RAM. You may be able to uninstall the programs that do that.

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Thank you! I will try to clean the fan.

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I didn't think of that! Yeah, the thermal paste is probably ancient on the thing, but I'm not sure how you'd go about doing it in this laptop. I think it'd be as easy as cleaning the old paste off the CPU and replacing, but each laptop is different.

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