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La Canon EOS 60D es una cámara DSLR (réflex digital de lente única) de 18 MP con una pantalla LCD articulada. La cámara fue lanzada en agosto de 2010 y se identifica por la EOS 60D impresa en la parte frontal de la cámara.

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Card write protected error

i have canon 60d and it tell me card write protected error when i insert a carrd into it. i have tried 4 cards already and its not the card lock issue. the same card works in other camera. i read in forums its issue with card reader in 60D. would like to if there is any known fixes for this?

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I know this reply is too late. But i believe this may help someone in the future.

The same thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the middle of a short film shoot and my camera started giving me "Card write protected" message. I searched in the forums and found that it's the problem with the card reader inside the camera.

I was left out with no other options at that time, so i tried cleaning the camera's memory card compartment by wrapping cloth at the tip of a small knife. And when i turned on the camera, it got worked like magic. :) Give it a try before spending some bucks on servicing it.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks u so much, i tried and its really working <3

- de

You just saved my life! This was a miracle! Been trying to fix since November 2020.

- de

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Where can I take it for repair

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My eos60d protected card erorr

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