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Sata cable problem for MBP 15 MID2012

Hello from Russia!

Can u tell me what the difference between 821-1492-01 and 821-1492-A?

I got MBP 15 Mid 2012 and i tried to install 3 different SSD, and they all not recognized. All firmwares updated to the last version. Guys from iFixit forum tells me that i need to change this Sata cable because its old, and i need to find "01" version. I can buy only from ebay and aliexpress, where all customers only got "A" version and dont know is it support sata 3 or no...

Plz help me to figure it out...

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I'm sorry you're having problems getting the better cable. Let me do a bit of searching. Whats likely happening here is the older cables are stacking up and the suppliers are trying to get rid of them.

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@mayer - Here is what we use for the 13" note the description field info: Unibody MacBook Pro 13" HD/Sleep/IR bracket & cable (2012) Apple PN 821-2049 ($50 US

Here's the full HD cable rundown for the 13" Unibody

  • 821-2049 (Supports SATA III drives)
  • 821-1480
  • 821-00698
  • 923-0741
  • 604-07597
  • 923-00975
  • 923-0104

For the 15" series there are a few different cables depending on the year here is the the list for them:

  • ’09 (SATA II drives only)
    • 922-9034
    • 821-0812
    • 821-0989-A
  • ’10 (SATA II drives only)
    • 922-9314
    • 821-0989
  • ’11
    • 922-9751
    • 821-1198-A (Supports SATA III drives)
  • ’12
    • 923-0084
    • 821-1492-A (Supports SATA III drives, but some don't appear to hold up)
    • 821-1492-01 (Supports SATA III drives)

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Thanks again Dan for the full info

Just found today 01 version from eBay for 12$, hope I finally make my Mac faster!

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There are two different cable versions of this Cable:

821-1492-01 (was recommended)

821-1492-A (what you have)

They Are Backwards-Compatible, yes. You aren't losing anything by using your A version.

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@alinorne - Keven, Sorry to say they are different! Apple in its wisdom put in a SATA II drive in this series when it first came out. They didn't test the cable with a SATA III drive so many of the older cables just don't work well with SATA III drives the system can support which is why you need to upgrade it.

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@danj just making a note here so I too, can find a good source. Have not run into this issue as I mainly upgrade with SSHD s that seem to run fine with the older cable.

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@alinorne what u mean? I'm loosing everything when using 821-1492-A because it doesn't work wit any SSD + My HDD Sata 3 only working in Sata 2 mode.

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I protest entirely, until you get me some empirical evidence.

Exhibit 1: Here's the cable, advertised as backwards compatible, many sources do the same:

Exhibit 2: The proof it works -

I am running a 821-1492-A in my Mid- 2012 MBP with serial number C02KJ1Z0F1G3, system profiler is showing a link speed of 6 Gigabit on my 1TB Samsung 840 EVO. It's run great for a long time, with very high operating hours on that drive, boots in about 8 seconds, super fast.

Exhibit 3: Consider this logic;The Math, 2 + 2 = 4. Are they equal? Yes they are! Are they IDENTICAL? No, only 4 is identical to 4; 1 + 3 is also equal to 4, but not identical, literally, to 4.

I stick to my answer!

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@alinorne @danj I'm having a difficult time actually finding that part without having to pay double for it. Were there also different cables on the 13" model ( I need to order today)? The part Apple is replacing (for free) on the 13" is 604-07597 on the shipping enclosure.

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