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Microsoft Surface 2 fue fabricado por Microsoft Corporation y es la segunda generación de tabletas de Microsoft. Fue lanzado el 22 de octubre de 2013 e incluye funciones como potencia de procesamiento mejorada y resolución de pantalla.

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Change Battery Microsoft Surface 2

How do I replace the Microsoft Surface 2 battery?

What material should I use to assemble the screen with the back cover?

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I must disconnect the display from the rear panel with a heat gun, then to reassembly the Surface, I will have to use glue to assemble the tablet?

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What should I use to connect the ribbon cable to the motherboard?

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How do I remove the battery after removing the motherboard?

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@piero90, Piero, remove the old glue/tape with a (little) heat and a plastic scrapper/credit card/fingernail, then use some 90% isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth to clean the remaining adhesive. Use a good quality thin 2 sided tape to put back together, which you can find doing a google search/hobby shop/small electronics repair store when you figure which width would work for you. Links below show tear down of the Surface 2 and adhesive strips being applied. Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck.

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How I remove the ribbon cable in the Microsoft Surface 2?

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@piero90 , Piero, at 27.00 min's in on video shows ribbon cable removal and the 2nd link here shows more detail of the cables removal, good luck with your device.

Microsoft Surface 2 Screen Replacement

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Then I have change the battery, I must to use glue or thermal past to reassemble the tablet?

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@piero90 , Piero, it would probably be best to reapply the thermal paste if removed and glue to a like factory install to prevent possible problems. Have a good day.

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So I must to use the glue and the thermal paste together?

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