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Chef's Choice Modelo M115, fabricado por Edgecraft Corporation. Lanzado en 2013.

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Where do I get replacement stones for the Chef's Choice 120?

Where do I get replacement stones for the Chef's Choice 120?

Update (10/29/2016)

I'm not getting a lasting edge anymore. I spent some time with a machete on the sharpener and may have damaged it.


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I have a 300 and a blade come loose and fell out. Question: how do I open the unit without all falling out? I tried placinthe blade in, but was unsuccessful due to the magnetic pull.

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had the same problem with mine, turned it upside down, took the screws out, removed 2 bolts that hold hone assembly to motor, had to use a razor knife between magnet and blade, once I got it loose was able to super glue it back in place, mine's an old one, had it since 2004, can't find good info for replacement parts

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I just had the same problem with my 300. I did the same thing as the 2nd commenter did (including the super glue) but one of my coarse hones is missing. This seems to be a common problem with this model.

I sometimes see these sharpeners at thrift stores. I guess next time I'll buy one for backup parts as the Chef's Choice site doesn't offer them as replacement parts.

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This is what the EdgeCraft corporation (makers of your sharpener) have to say about replacement stones.

Used in a household setting, the abrasives will last for many, many years without need for repair or replacement. If the abrasives need replacement, you may send the sharpener back to EdgeCraft and, for a nominal fee, EdgeCraft will replace the abrasives, clean and lubricate the sharpener and ship it back in almost new condition. The abrasives, however, should last a very long time with normal household use.

Here is their contact details



Hopefully this is of some help.

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I did the same thing and I can see that stage 2and 3 are now putting more edge on the right side of my knives and not very much on the left and leaving me with very dull knives

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so what did you do about it ?

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I have sent these units into Edge Craft for repair and gotten them back in like new condition. At the time it was 45 dollars and you ship it to them via UPS or Fedex.

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I returned my Model 120 to Edge Craft for them to replace the sharpening discs many years ago and it was well worth it. Now it’s time to send the machine back again. The factory says “the discs last for many years”, and they do, but it HAS BEEN many years, so it’s time to do it again. I even opened mine up to see if the 2100 model disc set would fit, and IT WON’T, so don’t waste your time trying. In the Model 120, the shaft that the discs are on is integral with the motor and can’t be removed without disassembling the entire sharpener. But on the 2100, there is a rubber shock coupling that connects the disc shaft with the motor shaft, so a new disc module can be installed easily, but that feature is absent on the Model 120. Maybe they should put a placard on the Model 120 that says “No user serviceable parts inside”, because that is truly the case. Bite the bullet and send yours back to the factory, just like I’m going to do for the second time.

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As of 5/26/2022, here is the response I received on a reconditioning enquiry;

Hi, this is Noe from The Legacy Companies. Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry if you've experienced this. But I'll be glad to help. Since the pandemic started we no longer have repair center anymore. If your machine is still under warranty we can file a warranty replacement of your unit if this is not functioning well anymore. Just provide the photo of the sticker label a the bottom of the unit and a proof of purchase.

So it looks like no more reconditioning service.

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This company sucks. They have ZERO customer loyalty. Saying that they dont sell parts for a sharpener that cost around $150.00 is absurd. Grinding wheels are aa wear item on ANY type of grinding operation. I can only hope they go under as a result of their !#^& poor customer service. I would customers to return this item to the store they got it from. Do not waste your money. The fact that america's test kitchen reviewed this product and gave it high marks makes me think that sponsors are buying answers on that show.

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