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La plancha para pelo Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR usa el calor para alisar el pelo entre dos placas de cerámica. El dispositivo puede ser usado para alisar, rizar o ondular el cabello.

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The temperature dial won't turn.

The temperature dial is stuck and does not turn. The temperature of the Fahrenheit FHT flatiron will not change when it is powered on. How do I get the dial to rotate so I can adjust the temperature?

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Always proof read your question before posting. Is it stick or stuck? What is Fahrenheit FHT? What is a Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR?

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Hello MeKenzie,

If the dial on the device is stuck this may be caused by a sticky substance building up around or under the dial. The first step would be to take a cleaning agent and anything that could fit under and around the edges of the dial and try to clean as much of the substances as you can. If it is still stuck then please refer to our troubleshooting page for a more technical solution.

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If the dial is stuck it could be due to how it was the dial itself is seated. Please look at this troubleshooting page to find information on removal/replacement and proper seating of the dial.

Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR Troubleshooting

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