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El iOpener es una bolsa aislada que retiene el calor que puede calentarse en un microondas y usarse para transferir calor al adhesivo a lo largo del borde de un iPad o dispositivo similar.

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Is There an alternative to the iOpener

I Dont have an i opener and i was wondering if i could use anything else that does the same exact thing as the iOpener. Thanks

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Thanks and also do i absolutely need an iOpener Or anything to do most repairs

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Here is a video on using a heating pad as an iopener -

- de is a larger option, It may take longer in the Microwave.

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A heating pad or a heat gun. :)

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Very, very, very careful use of a heat gun at that!

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Yea, always use it on low.

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I know this is a bit late ;>)...

If you are a shop and will be doing iPad repairs on a regular basis, then a heated mat station like this is the preferred solution.

However, if this is for a one-off, the these "Magic Bags" work really well. This one is large enough to cover an entire iPad making it perfect for a digitizer replacement and you can use it at home when you have sore muscles.

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