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How do you get a pentalobe screw just spins

I tried putting upward pressure on the screen and the screw still spins (this was the answer in another post on the topic Pentalobe screws just spinning!).

I've tried using gravity as I unscrew it.

I've tried pushing the screen toward the back. I've pried the side without the screw up.

I tried finding something sticky to put on the driver, like putty, but to no avail.

I've even, hold on to your shorts, put some superglue on the tip of the driver to pull it out.

What next?


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Have you tried lifting the screen up from the bottom but without forcing it of course?

Is it one or two screws?

The method that I always had to use was using adhesive and unscrewing it in a way that I was applying almost no pressure to the screw. Like letting it glide out or something if you know what I mean.

It could be that the posts for the bottom screws have broken off from the screen frame.

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Take a spudger so that the screen is slightly propped up on one corner then try to unscrew it

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Yep. Put just a bit of upward pressure on the screen and it should come out. Just need to get a bit of friction on the screw.

If that doesn't work, sometimes the bracket that the screw goes into has broken and the screw just spins. If that's the case, its not a big deal since the screen will come up anyway.

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Hi Rodney,

What I usually do to get annoying screws removed is quite simple. I place a small magnet (Like a fridge magnet or hard drive magnet) on the screwdriver.

Block Image

Block Image

This trick works amazingly well! Give it a shot and let us know :)

Best of luck

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