Monitor and Power LCD Flashes No Video - Unless!

When I turn my monitor on from a cold start it will just show short bursts of flashes of light and the power indicator flashes. I checked all the capacitors, connections, grounds etc.. and they all seem visually fine. When I disassembled the monitor I noticed the connector that plugs into the middle top of the LCD screen was loose - I don't know what it is called it is about an inch long and has about 10 wires on it. I reconnected the wire and everything was fine as long as I leave the monitor on. But I get the same thing from a cold start - faint flashing light.

However, if while the monitor is powered on - I disconnect this connector the monitor will turn to a faint solid light and when I reconnect the connector the monitor works fine?

Any ideas? I have to do this each time the monitor is off for any period of time!

Any help is most appreciated.

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