I need to replace the ignition coils on my Seat Cordoba

I have a problem with my wife's Seat Cordoba (check engine light). Apparently two ignition coils are damaged (they gave "cylinder misfire", according to the diagnose), but I heard the replacement is very simple. Can I do it by myself, easily? What do I need, where do I start?

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Here's a link that should help. Tap or click on the blue link. Good luck!


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I had a similar problem with my Ibiza, the model with the 1.4L. I found a good step by step tutorial about changing the ignition coils on Seat Cordoba/Ibiza and managed to replace the coils by myself. The tutorial describes a 4 cylinder engine. Maybe it can also help you. The repair is quite simple. You do not need tools, just new ignition coils and a few minutes. Thanks and good luck!

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