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My ps4 is not turning on tho it fell on the floor

My ps4 feel on the floor like flat on the floor when I tried turning it on it won't on what should I do

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There are 2 common things that cause it to not turn on after a fall. The most common is that it causes the joints between the APU and motherboard to crack and become disconnected. Here is a link that will give you some ideas that might work for that: PS4 beeps once then turns off

The other (less common) thing is the power supply. Most of the time if it's the power supply you'll be able to try to power it on once but then it won't do anything at all if you try again...no noises, no lights, etc.

I hope this helps...good luck!

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@nonsonazz that is hard to evalaute until you open it up. Use this guides and take it apart. Check for loose wires and obvious broken parts. Let us know what you find.

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My ps4 is not turning on at all it's dead did it overheat or something idk but need help


@youngmateo follow the link provided in the answer given by @tronicsfix


Also remove and reseat your PSU. It may have popped loose.


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