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An Android 4.4.2 smartphone released November 1, 2014.

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keeps rebooting without coming on

the phone keeps rebooting without coming on. why? how can i correct this problem?

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Your device is now stuck inside a 'Boot Loop'....You should be able to fix this by entering recovery mode and reseting your device.

To enter recovery mode you should -

First make sure to power off your device. > Then by pressing and holding Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Button all at the same time your device should enter recovery mode (Note that you should release all buttons when the Blu Studio 7.0 screen flickers) > Then navigate to the reset/format option (WARNING : YOU WILL LOSE WHATEVER YOU PREVIOUSLY SAVED ON THIS DEVICE..PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SD CARD BEFORE PROCEEDING) > After this your device should boot normally (it would take some time for the first boot to happen).

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My BLU phone was rebooting all the time.

I noticed the battery was moving around in the back of the phone.

I am a swimmer and I use silicone ear plugs to keep the water out of my ears.

You can buy these at any pharmacy.

I stuck one of these ear plugs between the battery and my case.

And the battery stopped moving around inside the phone case.

And that solved the problem.

Uncle G

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Perhaps the best way is to Google this and as I did that, I found a few helpful results.

The first result definitely leads to this iFixit page.

But the second result leads to a page on website. I don’t believe this is the official website of the BLU phone company but yeah definitely the page has a solution on how to fix BLU phone problem commonly found like BLU phone wont charge, it keeps restarting and others.

According to website data I found, it mentions that when your device keeps restarting means that it’s stuck in the boot loop.

This is a common Android error found on not only BLU but also other brand phones as well.

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