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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Azend/Envizen.

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How to factory reset this tablet

how do i factory reset this pc tablet Envizen digital emdoor digital

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i tried all those short cuts to factory reset it but none wont work

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@kalan what is going on with your tablet? what does it do? Do you get to any menu? Stuck at the Android logo? Give us a bit more information.

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Mine is stuck won't reset I forgot pattern unlock code can't reset to factory any help appreciate it

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mine was given to me as a gift and the person forgot the password they set

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I would try holding power + volume down, if it doesn't work try holding power + volume up, if it doesn't work try power + volume down + volume up

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The power and volumen up worked but when it gets to the pi, ture of the Android iy Just stops

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I also had the same issue, purple tablet with dvd player, +and power up gives the option to do factory reset, it goes to a logo and sits there for a long time, and boots back up after several minutes with no change. still requests pin code and doesn't appear to have reset, tried twice, can not find any info on this company or any other solutions anywhere.. so much for customer support.

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