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Common motherboard failure points?

So far I've had two or three cases where a PC motherboard just stopped working for no apparent reason. In one case, somebody jostled the system hard enough to disengage the CPU heat sink. In that case, I thought to myself "This is a slam dunk. Just replace the CPU." In all of those cases, the replacement CPU was cheap enough that I figured, what the heck, let's do it. I followed correct procedures (anti-static, thermal paste, etc.), but in none of these cases did the CPU replacement bring the system back to life.

Is there some component on PC motherboards, besides the CPU, that tends to fail more frequently than others? Something to test that might lead to bringing the boards back to life?


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What board, what CPU? Any commonalities? You did try different PSU's etc>?

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if theres "no signs of life" i usually check the power supply, cos if theres an issue with the board or another component it will generally beep at you when trying to start.

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Usually if it's not the CPU, it's the GPU. Test with an external monitor.

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