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Back Camera Not Working Even After Replacement

I have an iPhone 5 with a non functional back camera. I have replaced it, and it still doesn't work. I'm stumped!

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Does the front camera work at all?

Have you inspected the FPC Connector (The connector on the logic board that connects to the rear camera) for any physical damage like bent pins or liquid related damage like corrosion / burn marks?

Not sure if there is a component chip on the logic board that controls only the rear camera in a way instead of both for iPhone 5 (because maybe that needs replacing).

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it looks like some of the pins are darker than the others, but some other connectors on the board look like that, and they work fine. The front camera is fine!

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try a third party camera app and see if it works. If it does, then you know its a software issue and reinstalling iOS would fix it.

If the third party app doesn't work, then you know its hardware. You already replaced the camera, so then keep moving back and inspect the camera connector very carefully under a scope or high magnification. If the connector is fine, then its time to break out the schematics and move farther back.

Try the camera app and inspect the connector very carefully. Update us with results and we can try to help more.

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third party apps don't work, I think I might try to clean the connector a little more. Thanks!

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