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A transforming "laplet" in the Lenovo Yoga line.

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Why does my screen have small flickers?

Hi guys. I recently got a lenovo yoga 14 and ever since the set up, my screen has these small, box shaped flickers. I installed the nvidia drivers and sort of mitigated the settings, but that had almost no effect. They pop up every once in a while, and I am concerned. Can I fix this? Thanks. Ps, the screen only flickers a little, it does not shut off.

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It might be your connection check your cords are plug in right, or you just might need to clean the connectors . You also can go on to to watch videos and see if they can fix your problems. I hope this helps.

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thanks, ill try looking on youtube and cleaning my connectors. I hope it works

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It sounds almost as the problem I had. When I typed an address in Firefox and the suggestions were showing, they kind of got blurred out by black boxes.

I tried installing the intel graphics drivers from intel, but they did not recognize the hardware.

So I installed the intel vga drivers from lenovos site and after that the problem was gone.

This was for the yoga 510-14 isk, but it might help.


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