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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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How do I replace pull starter cord

The cord that you pull to start the mower is broke need to know how to put new one on

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Hi Mr Metzler.

Thank you for getting back to me.

I did figure it out ,and it was actually easy to do.

I had taken it to the mower shop and they were going to charge me just to tell me how to do it. I told them I may be a woman but I have been a CNC and welder for 20 years I try to do it..

I watched a video on u tube and TADA!! Lol....I did it.. thank you for your help though.

Lori. IRBY

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The cord should be sold as a replacement unit. The cord attached to the top of the stator under the top cover. Find a replacement and refer to Toro's website for a repair guide specific to your model of mower.

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Most push and self propel lawn mowers have the pull cord assembly attached to the top of the mower by 3-4 small bolts. Remove the bolts and the pull cord unit should lift right off. Go ahead and remove the cord. When doing this, the spring will most likely unwind. Before you put the new pull cord in, make sure to rewind the spring and either clamp it or use a screwdriver to hold it while you get the rope. Once you get it, let the spring loosen the wheel .5 to 1 turn then install the rope. It should retract the rest of the way in and now you simply just install the unit back to the mower!

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