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Xbox One Kinect. Incluido con la Xbox One. Ha vendido con éxito más de 23 millones de unidades en todo el mundo.

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Replacement cable for Xbox One Kinect

Is it possible to buy a replacement cable for the xbox one kinect? Just the cable? I can't find one anywhere online.

Thanks to everyone!

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If you mean adapter there is only usb to Kinect port which can be used for Kinect in order to connect it with XBOX ONE S which does not have Kinect port. If your Kinect has any problem with it's cable you can remove it and replace it but only on ebay I have found (xbox one kinect cable) that's how I search it because there are power cables for kinect for xbox 360

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Not sure if this can help you, but the cable is a USB 3.0 cable with two additional pins, I assume for additional power. The ‘B’ end of the cable attaching to the sensor accomodates a standard USB 3.0 ‘B’ connector directly, but leaves the two additional pins on either side of it unconnected. The ‘A’ end of the cable is obviously, then, also non-standard, but in this case it is not physically compatible with a standard USB-A port.

read: assumptions

If you need the adapter cable for a newer Xbox or for PC (I believe they are one in the same) search for that specifically, as there is no other solution as far as I am aware.

If you need to repair the proprietary cable attached to the sensor itself, then I would search ebay’s damaged device auctions. (or be adventerous with a custom solution using the info above, if willing :D)

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