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The Huawei H881C, also known as the Huawei Ascend Plus, or Ace is an entry level prepaid smart phone from the carrier Straight Talk, a subsidiary of Tracfone.

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Why my Huawei H881C wont charge or turn on

I just got a Huawei H881C from my cousin and I had it charging two days ago and I went to work texted at 11:pm and all of a sudden my phone wouldn't turn on I put it on the charger overnight my led light didn't come on and my phone wouldn't turn on the next day I have had it turned on two times since then for it to shut off and not turn back on again please help me I need to figure out what I can do about my phone it doesn't show its charging ive tried cleaning out the charging port with an air duster ive tried 5 different chargers and I cant seem to make anything work I need advice and help

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Hi Rebecca

Firstly your phone will not remain on as there is insufficient charge to keep it on ( the battery is not charged ).

Which leads us to the second issue, the phone not taking charge. It is quite possible that the contacts in the charging port are worn and not making contact with the charging port plug.


  • Buy an external battery charger and charge the battery externally overnight ready for use next day.
  • Or you may be able to get the charger and phone to work if you carefully move the charge port plug around inside the charging port in the phone. I say do this carefully so you will be able to see when the contact is made ( when the charging led comes on) . If this occurs ( the contact being made ) then you must find a way to support the charger plug and phone in this position to get the phone to charge.

Hope this helps


Prometheus 1618

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I have tried this it did not work I had a friend with a charging port thing and they couldn't even get it to blink or anything I think its just time for a new phone period

- de

Hi Rebecca

It does sound like you have a broken connection on your phone charging circuit. :(

You could get an electronics shop ( which does repairs ) to look at it and get a quote, else a new phone is probably the only other alternative.

Enjoy your new phone !

- de

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