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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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S4 Mini dead after PC charge

I have a Samsung S4 mini I9195. It was low battery so I pluged it into a USB cable to my PC . After an hour or so I checked it and it was dead, no biggie i'll just charge it at home. Put it on the charger and left it(sometimes the battery symbol takes awhile to show so I just ignored that it didn't show) however after 5 hours nothing. Again no biggie i'll work on it at work. Nothing, she's dead jim.

So I start trying to tackle the issue. I've done the button methods (two and three button methods that are all over YouTube) got a new battery, drained it, whacked the power button, dismantled it and check all the connections but it will not responded to anything or light up. It only responds to when a usb cable is plugged in, the PC acknowledges it by dinging and I can tap Morse code if I use the three button method at the same time. But I'm all out of basic options, and I'd rather not send it to a pro cause they'll probably tell me what I already know and charge me more then what I paid for the phone to do so.

Do you, the internet have any other solution's that I have missed?

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if the PC sees it, I'm leaning towards trying a new display. Because the PC sees it, that means the phone and the operating system are working.

I would try a new LCD and go from there.

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Wouldn't other parts of the phone light up as well? rather then the entire thing being unresponsive?

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Ok, so it lit up for the first time again when I left on my pc, tried turning it on and it got stuck on the Samsung screen so I pulled the battery and tried turning it back on, back to square one. So its obviously not a LCD issue. EDIT: So after thinking about it, I am leaning towards it being a power issue either from the battery connecters or the usb port, since when I went to use a battery I knew was full and it didn't work.

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Hi here is the solution please click on the below link and watch then tell him about your phone problem i am sure you will get a best solution

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