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Apple lanzó el iPad Air adelgazado y pulido el 1 de noviembre de 2013 en una opción de Space Grey o Silver. Incluye el procesador A7 personalizado y se envía en configuraciones de 16, 32, 64 y 128 GB.

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Ghost touch + bottom portion of screen/home button unresponsive

I recently got a request to fix an iPad Air, the clients bag was damp and he put his iPad in it and the whole thing basically broke down.

1)ghost touch

2)every time he tried to charge it would turn on turn off if it made it to passcode screen it'd restart

3)home button no longer worked

After I opened screen I unplugged flex cables and cleaned them with isopropyl + also I stopped the ghost touch by using electrical tape to secure the flex cable on the digitizer down and fighting the digitizer cable connector to itself by wrapping electrical tape around it

Still after those this it the problem I ran into

4)bottom half of screen still no longer responsive

5)home button still unresponsive

What the !&&* is happening. This isn't anything like an iPhone repair.!?!?

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Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

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Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

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The problem you are having is very simple, it is the issue of the digitizer not being grounded properly. Use Kapton or electrical tape to make sure it is grounded properly and you would not have the issue anymore.

iPad Repair

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i tried this, but i still cant use the home button nor the bottom half of my screen

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If even after grounding you cannot use it, it sounds like a defective digitizer.

Fix Ghost touch on iPad

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The scary part of the issue is the damp bag.

On most devices the simple answer is to try a new digitizer. But the digitizers for Air 2s are still really expensive. If its not the digitzer, its probably water damage on the board, which is a near death sentence. can try a new $200 digitizer and see if that fixes it or you can inspect for water damage and risk going down a rabbit hole.

I don't know which option I would pick first....

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