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Slide-out motor will not work.

My 12 foot living room slide stopped working. It apparently has 2 motors which are synchronized to work each end of the slide when I press the extend or retract button. One of the two motors stopped working. My Thor motorhome manual does not show a fuse for the motors in the fuse panel. (1) Is there a fuse for these motors & if so, where will I find them? (2) I've looked under the chassis for the motors (along the track/rails) but can't find them. Might they be covered with some kind of shroud ? Also, are they likely located together or separately at both ends of the slide rail? (I've located the control module in a compartment where many wires enter but following the wires in the many wiring harnesses to the motors has proven difficult and without success.

(3) What is the best way to troubleshoot the problem? I suspect if it is not a blown fuse (possibly in-line fuse ??), the motor may be dead. If it is the motor, (4) where might I find one online for a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance for your advice. JK in SA

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It could be that one of the motors died, but it may only be a wiring issue. With the movement of the slide back and forth (or in & out) a wire may have been shorted. There are re-settable circuit breakers on many newer RV's, protecting the power feeding to the converter or other major systems, but that's probably NOT the case here since you say one motor still works.

If you can get another person to help, one can use a multimeter down below at the problematic slide motor and the other up at the slide out switch & test to see if power is even reaching the motor when the switch is turned ON. Be careful... don't get shocked or pinched under the MH.

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Thanks for your advice. I fixed the problem by replacing one of the two slide out motors.

- de

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Sounds like one of your motors are on the way out do like the other guy suggested and test the power at the motors when the slide out is engaged

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if you locate the motor i e mine is behind the molding on the slide out at the top.. use a multimeter at the last two wires to touch the motor.. unplug them and put the probes in each wire get good connection set the meter and have someone turn the switch to the slider if your reading is 12 v or more than all is good from that point if not then work backwards if reading is 12 v or 14 v then yes motor could be bad,,, check for binding also .. good luck .. kennyg

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