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The screen doesn't recognize my finger swipe

Had an iPadmini in my backpack and it was damp at the bottom now when it turns on i can't swipe to unlock and if I do manage to do that it would randomly click all the apps then restart

Also when I was opening the screen (first time I've ever opened an iPad mini. One of the sensors at the bottom (on the left side of the home button the one not connected to the glass) ripped. It was glued to the iPad not the screen

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Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

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I think that is the cable connected directly to the home button flex.

You have two options when it comes to repairing or replacing that home button.

You can either do micro soldering to get the home button to click.

Or order a replacement home button flex ribbon cable assembly.

For the water damage issue. It sounds like liquid damage under the digitizer ribbon cable plug and possibly the logic board too. I think it's best to take it to a repair shop that does water damage repairs to avoid damaging the iPad more.

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The iPad Mini 2 doesnt have a finger print scanner that Im aware of.

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Correct brian! The finger print regognition function was introduced with the Ipad mini 3, that was basically not more not less than an Ipad mini 2 with the finger print function. It was swapped by the Ipad mini 4 that brings some more features (including a more powerfull processor). This can explain why in the Apple catalog you can find the Ipad mini 2 & the ipad mini 4 but not anymore the mini 3.

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