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anunciado en octubre de 1999.

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Putting an LCD inside this?


I just tore apart my iMac G3. The case is in excellent condition. I want to get a MacBook or iBook logic board and put it in the case, along with a LCD. But, I don't know where to get a monitor that's 14.5 diagonal, 11.5 across, and 8 7/8 inches in height. Does anyone know where to get a monitor like this?

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Never mind, I just found a monitor that will work. Might have to stretch the picture a little bit though.

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I'm using a E173FP, it fits perfectly.

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@gigabit87898 you will have a very difficult time to find a LCD that will be compatible with a "MacBook or iBook logic board". You will have to modify the case a lot because of the shape of the original board. I'd abandon the idea with those boards pretty quick I'd suggest a build like this or this one. Remember that you will have to modify the front bezel as well due to the curvature it has for the CRT. Your will have to come up with a way to create a straight window. I am currently working on a Hackintosh from a MacIntosh Classic II. So take lots of pictures and create a guide which you should then post on here.. Let's compare notes when done:-)

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