ip6 dropped into water - no power at all

Hi friends -

Got a quality one for you. Was camping/tubing, dropped phone in water (sad) and all I was able to do was power it off. I didnt have tools with me (bad choice) until 24 hours later. Upon tearing the phone down, i removed all water, ultrasonic in alcohol bath, blew dry with compressed air, also heat dried with a hot air solder gun.

Put the logic in a known good donor and no go - No power at all. No sign of pc recognizing it either. Removed both lower shields (top and bottom near batt connector) and only see a little corosion on the edge of one chip. Ultrasonic cleaned again, no go.

What chips should i focus on that will allow power to the board? Id love to get the last 1500 pics back from the last 4 months....

Quick back story, Ive replaced 100+ lcds for friends and family, along with button cables and such. I have been 100% successful at water damaged phones when I was able to immediately remove the logic and let dry via techniques.

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@pquada you changed the lightning connector as well as the battery?

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@oldturkey03 - Yep, I used a known good donor (every other component) phone and popped this logic into it.

I did some further research and im thinking the iphone 6 charger ic may be the next step. I have successfully hot reworked one chip on an iphone 5 once before... However, a microscope would be needed to even want to try it again.

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@pquada if you are thinking of U2 then it should still come on with a new battery. When you plug it in, what voltage do you get on the battery connector?

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@oldturkey03 - it doesnt turn on with battery either.

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What is the voltage on the battery connector when you plug it in?

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