Repair guides and support for smaller headsets that rest on the ear, also known as supra-aural headphones.

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How to replace ear pads on sony mdr xb450ap?

I got a trouble to disassamble ear pad that i want to replace. my headphone is sony mdr xb-450ap. how to replace ear pad?

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use the link to buy the ear pads.

try to remove the ear pad or just tear them off.I personally tore them off and then with the use of a little feviquick i joined them good as new.................

I was also trying to find the solution.

after 2 or 3 days of trying to find the solution.i found it so decided to answer your question

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as i see this link is for Sony DR-BT101 does it support sony mdr xb 450 ?


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did you got any anws? from where i can find the pair of new earpads for sony mdr 450AP..?

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