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round shape big dot on screen

I had purchase one LG 42" LED TV from Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd.(Kolkata Nagerbazar branch) on 9th June 2014. Invoice number is 3324/1415/02145. Make is LG 16108000004328 and Model no is 42LB5610. ATR 405PLVC008415.

from today morning its started showing one white cloudy round shape big dot on screen and by now its become 5 big dots on the same line. I tried to contact both toll free number of LG but failed. Can you quickly acknowledge my mail and give me a cheap

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Block Image

solution on the same

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Dear Shubhadeep, I am facing exactly the same problem on my LG TV, and exactly at the same place (5 white dots). Have you found out the solution for the same? I contacted the LG service team and they say that either the Display has to be replaced or I have to leave my TV at their workshop- they say that it is a backlight problem.

May I have your contact details please?

- de

Hi, subhadip

As shown in the picture uploded by you same spot is arising in my TV also.

Have you fixed it.?

if you fixed it please tell me how to do this and what cost you had paid for this.

- de

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subhadip4u those dots are related to the backlight LED'S. There are caps (real caps not capacitors:-) on those to disperse the light. Whenever those move or fall of you get the big symmetric dots. The only thing you can try is to disassemble your panel and replace the LCD backlight strips.

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Well I tried to take it apart and was unsuccessful! It was so sealed up and I managed to crack the glass screen anyways, I'll have to ask Santa for a new one!

- de

missfixit4u darn, I am sorry about that. I hate it when this happens to the DIY'er.

- de

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Well it is the first time i ever see this problem..

A white line could be a bad capicitator.. maybe you can open the tv ( if out of warranty) and check for these bad capacitors or measure them out.

I saw a Sony bravia once with green dots ( but not like these) and it was caused by a faulty main board.

What i would do :

check the PCB's for faulty capacitor. if no visual fault : measure them out.

Check the cable's .

Try to install new firmware.

But i'm pretty sure it is a hardware problem on the pcb... but no specific solution.

Hope we'll find a sollution.

Kind regards,


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