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A point-and-shoot camera released in February 2012 by Olympus Imaging America Inc.

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LCD is off.. Do I need to connect the len first?

I dont connect the lens to board but i do inly with LCD, and then I turn it on.

1. The welcome music approached.

2. LCD is blank.

3. The orange LED on the board, near the LCD plug, is blink, and there is BEEP sound

4. The camera is automatically turned off.

... Thank you in advance

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Maybe the battery is not fully charged..

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Thank you! I thought so, but it's still not work.

- de

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sutakornfanpraew connect the lens if you expect to see anything on the camera. When the lens is disconnected the camera "sees" that as an error.

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Thank you! How can I connect the len instead of removing the board? The connector is hidden.

- de

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