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The DSLR D3100 from Nikon was released in August 19th, 2010. Features a 14.2 MP camera, Full 1080p HD movie, and a 3 inch LCD screen.

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How can I fix "flash mode" being stuck?

For a while my D3100 has been stuck on "Flash Mode", the button is not stuck and it seems that if I have the camera in a certain orientation, it leaves for a little. If this could be answered on how to fix this soon that would be fantastic since I need to do a project very soon.

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2 Respuestas

did you try to put the camera in auto mode??

if not rotate the knob so that the small line aligns with the green symbol on the knob(auto mode)

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If the pop-up flash is going off while it is down, it sounds like the flash believe it is up already but is not popping up. The spring that pops the flash up may be disconnected or damaged or the sensor that detects when the flash is closed may be malfunctioning. It might even be both. I would try manually raising the flash while pushing the flash release (not too hard though). I'd also try pushing the flash down to see if it registers as being closed when it is pushed down.

In either case, your best bet is probably to contact your camera manufacturer and send it in to be serviced if it is within the warranty period. If not, unless you are comfortable working on the insides of the camera, it's still probably best to send it out to be repaired. For more opinions refer to Nikon d3100 Manual.

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