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iPhone 6 Battery Draining while phone is off.

Hello, I am having an issue with my iPhone 6 Battery and am looking for some help. After replacing the battery and the charging port my battery appears to be draining while the phone is turned off. I will go to sleep with battery at 100% and turned off (holding the power button and sliding my finger across to turn it off not just standby) and I will wake up in the morning and the phone will not turn on and will require charging again. Anyone have this problem before or a similar problem?

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When using it, how long does the battery last?


the other night i used it for about 4 hours watching hulu and it drained from 100% to around 50% its not a phone we actively use in the house as we have replaced it and mainly only use it for apps now.


Why are forums the place to ask irrelevant questions? How fast it drains in use won't help diagnose problem. There is clearly a short in a circuit. Question is how to test when the phone is off? I don't know. I would look for a conductor between battery & case & I believe most likely would be moisture. Just a guess.


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I'm surprised this question did not get answered until now.

Follow these steps from top to bottom, backup your phone via iTunes before doing the restore process as it wipes all user data on the phone

1. First of all try a restore on the phone, then restore the iTunes backup back onto the phone.

2. If that does not work proceed with a battery replacement.

3. If still the same issue, then the issue is most likely the tristar chip needing replacement. That requires micro-soldering to do and you may be able to find someone locally in your area that does board level / microsoldering repairs.

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