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CASIO Exilim EX-100 V. 1..01 Camera not allowing battery to be charged


hope you can help. The camera had been working perfectly but then suddenly the battery stopped accepting charge. I was recently travelling in remote Nepal and using a solar charger for some weeks to top up battery daily. Then one day the red charging lamp on the back of the camera did not come on.

Now back home and confirmed using USB cable from either computer or AC mains will not charge battery. After a few hours of attempted charging the battery charge had not changed when measured using a digital multimeter. I also used the multimeter to test for voltage from the camera output terminals inside the battery compartment - no voltage. I have confirmed USB cable is ok by successfully charging a rechargeable torch.

So I am stumped and really hope you can help.

many thanks

Brian Polden



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Hi, thanks for prompt reply!

Original and spare battery came with camera (May 2015). No gradual/ sudden decrease in battery life. USB cables checked charging a torch).

Left wondering if solar charger the cause - output USB to plug into camera is stamped '5V/1A micro USB output', whilst camera user guide says "connect (the camera) directly to a USB port that supplies a current of 500mA", (but this statement is given in the situation of insufficient power delivery via USB from a computer).

Is it possible the solar charger battery bank could be over supplying and is exceeding or has blown/fused some software limiting device in the camera? (ie. by 500mA - seems a bit unlikely). Another possibility is camera micro USB plug hole - takes a firm push in and wiggle out - perhaps too much movement. Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts on possible 'over-charging' by the solar charger. Perhaps I'll have to look around for some sort of external battery charging box - do they exist? Perplexing!


@brianpol from the values you have given us it is unlikely that your charger caused this. I'd definitely start with a new battery.


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Hi, How old is the battery? Have you noticed a gradual decrease in battery life or was this sudden?

Is it an aftermarket battery or OEM. I would assume the problem is battery related and not camera related. Purchase a cheap aftermarket battery to rule out at least 1 possible issue. However, do check your usb cable ends for any distortion and check your camera usb socket for any distortions. Batteries do die out, especially those aftermarket ones. I have had it happen many times.

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