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La PlayStation 3 slim es la segunda versión de la video consola PS3 producida por Sony Computer Entertainment. Fue lanzada el 1 de Septiembre de 2009.

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ps3 wont boot. not the ylod. after reflowing. and before.

. have u seen a ps3 turn on then of half a minute later? if so. i tried hard reset. only beeped once then cut off. is my ps3 bricked? i no its not yellow ring of death.

it turns on then off a half a minute later.

cant even get to boot screen i had a e3 hooked to it. is was on standby. lights going back and forth. then fan speeded up really fast so i pulled harddrive out. i think i had e3 on clip backward

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Well first off pulling the HD out while the system is on is just stupid of you.

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Sounds like the power supply. Either that or the motherboard is screwed.

Replacing the PSU will help. Although these things happen for a reason, so something killed it. If you can get it back up and running I strongly recommend that you back up your ps3.

I would like to state that reflowing has a chance of failing. I advise people to reball instead of reflowing.

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Could it be bricked?

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