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Android's 4.4 OS with a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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Wifi and bluetooth button wont turn on how do I fix this

Yesterday morning my tablet wifi turned on automatically & connected to the internet without problem. By late afternoon, I tried to open my web browser and it said no internet connection. I cked the wifi to make sure it was on, to find it was off. When I tried turning it back on, the button remained grayed, and then went back to the off position. I tried the same thing with the bluetooth button, with the same results. I did a hard reset, wipe cache, and a factory reset with no success. Ive seen others have had the same issue with the lollipop OS upgrade as I am having now. Has there been a fix available that will work other than flashing it back to the original kit kat OS?

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Check your baseband version and be sure it matches your software version. When I upgraded to Lollipop using Kies, it failed to upgrade the baseband and wifi stopped working. I used Odin to install a different Lollipop package and it upgraded baseband as well. Wifi started working.

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