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The Huawei P8 Lite (Model: ALE-L21) announced April 2015, shows beauty in simplicity. Its professional cameras enable you to take natural and sharp pictures even in the darkest environment. The beauty mode highlights the best features of the owner in every selfie.

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How cam I remove my apps from being hidden in privacy protection?!

Hi everyone. I have a big problem with my Huawei p8 Lite and that's from when I used provacy protection or so(don't remember the name exacly) the apps I chose to be hidden are not there in my phone anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus privacy protection was first in dialer→menue→privacy protection(if not mistaken) but now even the option has faded away!!!!!!!!!!!! So can you help me please?!! I'd really appreciate ur answers!

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uhm try factory data reset and get your important files backup first

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if you dont know how to factory data reset just search online ^_^

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Privacy protection is a good way to hide the apps u don't want others to see! It gives u 2 unlock passwords .one for yourself to use ur apps and one for hiding the apps from visitors :* :)

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I have to use p8light a other use data 70% of mobile I want to clear it

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Hey guys thank u 4 answering:)) trafalgar special thnx 2 u

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