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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para la cafetera Breville BKC600XL

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water will not dispense even though it has been descaled properly

machine works properly one day, making two or three cups and then does not work for weeks. Has been descaled properly several times back to back

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you have a defective solenoid,there are two of them .

to test apply 12v to each one

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Can the solenoid so be replaced?

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Solenoids were not the problem. They work, machine still does not.

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There is a air pump and a water pump. Apply 12v dc to test if they test ok then you have a problem in one of the spring valves

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what is 12v dc??

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Wow, the only thing worse than no advice is bad advice.

First and foremost, are you getting a “READY TO BREW” message? That would indicate both your boiler water level is sufficient and your temperature is sufficient.

Secondly, lets clarify whether your several descales were done prior to the failure beginning or was it when the machine intermittently began working for a day outside of the weeks of malfunctioning?

Thirdly, yes, @mbesho did correctly identify several of the key systems onboard your shiny BKC600/700XL precursor to Elon Musk’s Martian transport.

Fourthly, the question you pose is where in the chain of command has one of the soldiers identified by @mbesho gone AWOL.

You seem to be indicating this is an intermittent problem, although the way you have written your question, it could be a failure that began and persists unabated at anytime. I will guess you are saying it is intermittent that the machine works one day and then takes an unannounced and rude vacay for a few weeks.

One unlikely possible suspect that comes to mind, based on your question, and my rather shoddy guesses at the nature of your machines usability, is your machines tiny air pump’s motor. The vibration pump for your water is a different animal. There are several poles/positions on your air pump’s motor and if one goes bad, if the alignment isn’t perfect, you get a dead spot and until the bad spot on the motor is aligned properly it won’t spin up. Your vibration pump seems to be working somedays (again guessing this is intermittent and not permanently persistent). The nature of a vibration pump rules out the type of problem you are describing to a large degree.

That ruled likely out, there is a little plastic screen where your water reservoir valve is pressed into when you insert the water reservoir into your machine. That can become clogged with debris etc. Inspect that first. Many times the problem you describe is a problem of water intake from the reservoir. If there is some debris or just crud buildup on that plastic black screen you’ll have a water flow problem there that will get worse with time, working one day and not the other, or not for several days. If you look at the bottom of your machine there a silver metal plate you can remove, beneath which you will find this:

Block Image

This is the place you can find the screen that can be blocked where your water reservoir interfaces with the machine. Here is the link to the ifixit page where you will see “Step 2” to look into the problem (REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE MACHINE BEFORE DISASSEMBLY):

Breville BKC600XL Heating Tank Replacement


Alternate problem sites:

  1. If the water-reservoir intake screen isn’t the culprit, then a blockage in the upper armature puncture needle could be a place to look. Many people recommend using a paper clip inserted in the puncture needle’s openings, but be VERY careful when doing this as there are soft silicone hoses right behind the puncture needle. Just uses subtle pressure and work your way through any blockages you may feel in or just beyone the puncture needle;
  2. More complicated (as it requires some disassembly to inspect internals) is a possible blockage in an internal tube. Your several descales should have taken a good stab at any mineral buildups internally so put than one on the low probability list.
  3. Last one I’ll mention here (although not the last possible issue) is a mechanical issue like a one of the check valves sticking or jamming up. This again is probably gunk of some sort whether organics or minerals. After opening up the machine using an ifixit guide you can try to give them a bit of a very gentle massage to try to loosen them, but be very gentle feeling for what the parts can tolerate. A sticky moving part is also a low probability cause but could be the culprit (think a door that sticks when you try to open it).

Finally, ALWAYS make sure your machine is UNPLUGGED if you are going to cross any part of yourself into the interior of an electrical machine like this. The temptation to reach inside is great and you must resist turning to the dark side and putting your life at risk by reaching inside. If you want to watch the internals work when you have the outer case off, do so from arms length just out of your reach so you have to think about what you are doing . . . resist the temptation to touch a machine’s internals while it is plugged in unless you are a trained professional in either repair or an electrical component field. Your family and friends will thank you for this.

Good Luck!

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