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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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Where to buy screen parts?

Where can I order the replacement screen for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7"?

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hernanespiritu: I hate to be the bearer of bad news my friend, but the screen you ordered from Parts4repair is actually the screen Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone from 5 years ago, not the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. If you look again you'll see that they actually do sell the screen for your tablet, but it is a $260 part. Recent Samsung tablets use very high definition screens that are expensive to replace. If you've never performed this type of repair, I'd recommend taking it to a professional. Yes, iot mt will probably $350 to $400 in the end, but it's cheaper than buying a new S2. Also, it is exceedingly easy to break the new lcd during installation if you haven't done it before, and with a $260 part that would make for a good day

libra14k: Parts4repair also stocks your screen and it also runs about $250. Read above warnings as well

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I was able to get the screen from, it's only $19.90 but the shipping is $30.00. It was shipped from Shenzhen, China.

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Have a Samsung tab model sm t800 the inside screen is broken. Can I buy this part. Thank you.

William Lugo

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