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Similar in many ways to HTC's flagship One M8 but lacking a dual camera system, the E8 smartphone features a plastic body and a 5-inch Super LCD3 display. Released June 2014.

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I cannot get network on my phone

My sim card reader is not working properly as it has to. Actually the sim card reader got burnt which is stuck to the motherboard from a wire from outside. Nowadays I don't get network when I've to work from my home, I'll have to step outside my house door to get network. The network is still coming but it's taking time to settle. Is there any possibility of getting a new sim reader for my phone? Thank you

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Hello Tanut Tigga,

As you mentioned the defective doesn't occur due to SIM reader damaged. you can start troubleshoot from GSM and 3G antenna and antenna contacts. visually inspect the area and see any damages on the antenna or contact pints. if yes you can simply replace the damaged antenna or clean the contact.

Visual inspection doesn't found anything mentioned above check the RF section of the motherboard and see whether any component missing, burned or damaged. also the fault can be occurred due to defective TRX or PA or SAWs

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