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Guías de reparación y dispositivos para el teléfono inteligente Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, modelo SM-J510FN.

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Pc cannot detect my phone(Samsung Galaxy J5)

Hi.. When i connect my phone to the PC he cannot detect my phone.. I want to transfer files and music..

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can you check the drivers first.

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But I want to root my phone which is only possible when usb is connected

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my mobile samsung j5pro rotates 360 ani i have problem in usb too............

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I cured mine, the PC did not recognise the J5, I had been using leads that worked on other devices, so I used the genuine lead that came with the phone and it was the end of the problem.

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Thanks Peter Main.

It had me completely baffled. Tried your idea, and it worked straight away.

John Walsh

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Hi, have you checked debugging? Tap "Settings" on your Samsung, find "Developer Options" and then click on "USB debugging".

If your PC still cannot detect it, you can try an app that connects your phone to PC wirelessly, for example, AirMore. Below is a video about how it works.

You can also use it to transfer files from Android to PC.

It is a free app and takes up little storage space. You can have a try!

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THANKS !! It was helpful !!! It works ! <3

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my mobile samsung j5 is curcut is me mera all deta pices videos hen wo mujy chayean

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curcut short no on my mobile

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Well i try download original driver after it was working correctly so i download the original driver and then it stopped working on my windows 8.1 so its the windows actually it also dismantlet couple other devices ........ anyway without counting my other little notebook pc can open it and windows 8 is saying my device is the problem but i know is the windows :D xD so if u dont want issues go on win 7 not 8 and 10 ima reinstall it in couple days xD

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