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What are the screw sizes for the case?

It looks like the case has four screw holes and all the screws are missing. Mine is a sears tele-games console, but I think it's an exact clone of the 4-switch atari 2600. I'd like to know the screw sizes for the case so I can put this thing back together properly!


Here are the exact screws I ended up using, in case anyone else needs the info. #6x3/4" from Lowes. Model #: 490198

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Give me a second, I'll dig out mine and take a picture of the screw for you.

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Here you go, it's about 3/4 Inches long. I put it next to an SD card for reference.

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And all 4 are the same

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I measured the screws on my 4-switch Woody and Vader.

The short answer is you need four screws of size #6-20 (aka #6) in length of 5/8”. Details below…

Quantity 2 #6-20, ¾” length screws are at front.

Quantity 2 #6-20, ⅝” length screws are angled at rear. They are installed at an angle, parallel with the silver switches.

I think you could use ⅝” long screws for all four locations but factory used longer ones up front.

Measured sizes to help folks convert to metric…

Diameter 0.136 inches

19.7 threads-per-inch

Length: 0.725 inches and 0.600 inches

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Thanks for confirming, just found this via brave browser search.

So for metric it will be M3.5 width (mine looked like 3mm but measured 3.4 so came here to confirm) .

For the Sixer consoles = 6 screws of 16mm (blunt tip) and 2 screws of 20mm (sharp tip).

The two 16mm screws in the middle of the console go with washers (these are part of the faraday cage securing from the outside, so leave those middle holes empty when working on cage)

If you find stainless steel screws, best to grease the ones that contact other metals, incase of bi metallic corrosion.

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Thanks man.. Heading to LOWES now!

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