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Released in 2010 and 2011, the G73 is a series of gaming laptops from Asus. Model numbers include G73JH, G73JW, and G73SW. All versions use an Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics card.

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When I turn my laptop on it only shows white.

Okay so when I turn my laptop on I can hear everything starting to work then they are fully working but my screen will only show white. I found out it's the password page but I see white no matter what. I hooked up a external monitor, entered my password and I was in my laptop, I could only see it on my monitor. I can't do anything because all my applications open on my lap top cuz my thing is set to expand. I don't know what to do. It's been like this for a bit, I'm not a computer part genius so I don't know what lots of the parts are.

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This is a display issue .Either the screen has gone or the cable is broken or disconnected . If your comfortable opening your laptop check the cable first making sure its connected properly at both the motherboard and at the video screen. Also check the cable itself where it goes around the hinges . Check here for cracks. feel the wires they can sometimes break inside the coating and not appear broke but be faulty . If your satisfied the cable is fine then you will need to replace the LCD . Before going there play around with the resolution settings of the laptop using the external monitor . As this is a gaming computer some games actually will change your default settings to accommodate there game and there is a chance this has happened so change your resolution settings around and see if there's a difference. Hope this helps

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You can open up your laptop and check if the connection between the screen and laptop is properly connected. You can also replace it for about $100 look online.

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