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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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Why isn't the flash working?

The camera flash on my Samsung Galaxy Camera isn't working; despite deploying the flash using the switch on the side, and turning the flash feature on in the software as described in the owner's manual, the flash isn't working. How do I get my flash to work?

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Check to see whether the flash unit is activated. To activate the flash unit refer to user's guide/manual. If the flash unit is activated and still not working you may need to replace it. To replace the flash unit, go to trouble shooting guide Trouble shooting guide.

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i want to see all my pictures on my camera but there on the screen shows this statement: not enough space,delete unnecessary items ,such as downloaded software,pictures videos and documents,but i couldn't find the delete icon.i a m assuming that the sd card is already full but i put a new card and shows the same words,i feel desperate could you help me with this issue?

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