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How can I fix the antena of the NIC from a laptop?


While i tried to fix some problems of a laptop, accidentally I broke the antenna of the NIC. The wire and the gold prong just broke off. I tried to reconnect putting the wire inside the gold prong and it seems right but, after that, the WiFi Signal is too weak. How can I fix this problem? There is some way to reconnect the gold prong and the wire?


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Please give us the make and model of your system.

You likely will need a replacement antenna cable. But without knowing who's system you have here I can't offer you more. Posting a good picture might be helpful as well.


Asus UX303L. The only way is replacement? Can´t I tin solder wire?


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Sadly this is a special coaxial wire which is crimped at the factory so you can't solder it back on.

Here's an engineers product guide for them: Micro Coaxial Connectors for WiFi & Bluetooth antennas.

You might be able to get a few samples from someone and very carefully put on a new connector. Just make sure you measure the one you have so you get the correct one.

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