ASUS G750 Laptop turns off immediately after turning on

I have an ASUS G750 laptop that suddenly stopped working last night. It has stopped working in the sense that every time I turn it on, it instantly shuts off within a few seconds. Sometimes it gets to the ASUS logo & sometimes it doesn't.

These are some of the other things I noticed:

1) About a week ago, I noticed that whenever I unplugged the laptop, it would instantly shut off. However, I usually always use it plugged in, so I didn't think more about that.

2) Right now, when the laptop is plugged in, NONE of the indicator lights on the keyboard light up. If I remember correctly, a few of them are usually on even when the laptop is off (but plugged in).

3. I thought it might have been an overheating issue, but this couldn't be since I just woke up today with the same problem after leaving the laptop off all of last night.

4. If I were to take the batteries out completely and then hook the laptop to the AC directly, it doesn't even turn on at all. If the laptop is not plugged in at all & using just the battery, then it has the regular problem of turning off immediately when turned on.

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Hello human! Have you tired going into your bios?

If I remember correctly on ASUS its the "Del" key when you see your ASUS logo pop up.

From bios you can try to start the computer in safemode, or boot it up from an external drive. If this doesn't work then its probably a hardware issue.


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U should takeoff the battery for while and hold on the power off button for at least 1 min and then turn the computer..its work

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