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Recover Windows 10 password on a mac?

I installed a Windows 10 on my Mac via bootcamp and now I can't login the os because i just forgot the password. There seems many tools available to reset the password on a windows machine. How can I reset the windows password on mac?

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The log in password is no different here than a Windows PC. I think you're getting the systems hardware password mixed up with the log in password that is different! You would have been greeted with a locked screen when just turning on your system before the OS (here Mac OS-X) was even loaded up.

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No, it's login password. I can't access the windows os because it is password protected.

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Yes, I understand. The point was there is two different systems as play here. The hardware lock and the OS (OS-X and/or Windows) lock. You need to get though the first door (hardware) before you can get to the OS door to unlock it.

Unlike a dedicated Widows system you are running a VM of Windows within Mac's OS-X (under BootCamp), which can make things harder. Here is what Microsoft has: What to do if you forget your Windows password

Did you also encrypted the drive and./or the Windows partition which would add another layer of complexity?

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No, I don't encrypt the drive.

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If you signed in with Microsoft account, then you can reset it easily with the account service offered by Microsoft.

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For local account, you can use Windows Password Mate instead to reset the login password.

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If you have forgotten the password for your Windows account and if you are using the said OS on a Mac device, then you need to use a professional password cracker program in order to reset forgotten admin password for Windows installed on your Mac.

The situation is very complicated; so you require professional help.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Mark Wilson

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on results

1- Boot your Mac

2- Go to Bootcamp folder -> then Windows-> then System32.
It's better to use the terminal.

3- Change the name of Utilman.exe to Utilman_backup.exe.
mv Utilman.exe Utilman_backup.exe

4- Then copy cmd.exe to Utilman.exe.
cp cmd.exe Utilman.exe

Download Windows 10 and click on

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