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Guías de reparación y soporte para la EOS 70D, una cámara réflex digital lanzada por Canon en 2013. Esta cámara se puede identificar con el número de modelo DS126411.

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a scratched focusing screen

i wrongly tried to clean my focusing screen and now i have a scratched screen. can i repair this or have i got to replace it. if the later what is the part code and how do i get it out of the camera.

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You should replace your focusing screen, it cannot be repaired. Replacement focusing screens can be found from a variety of sources, ebay lists several, at around $20 for the original Canon part.

There are several different replacement screens available. The original standard screen fitted to the 70D is the Ef-A. A popular non standard screen is the Ef-D which has grid lines added. If you like to use vintage lenses without autofocus, you might prefer the Ef-S screen.

Replacing the screen involves popping out a retainer clip while holding the camera upside down, you can then lift out the screen with a pair of tweezers and put the new one in place. The replacement screen comes with instructions and a pair of plastic tweezers for handling. Wear latex gloves and avoid touching the surface of the screen, it must be handled only with the tweezers supplied.

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thanks for your answer flying dutchman but the new ef d which has arrived has more tabs than my original one can i get roun this.

- de

@devs , that's weird. Searches turn up the Ef series of focusing screens as compatible with the 40D, 50D, 60D and 70D - but the Canon website is ambiguous. Could you post a pic of your original focusing screen?

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I havn't forgotten yoy i've just got to work out how to download the picture to you. Ihave bought another one that is identical to my original Ef-A, but focusing birds flying and aeroplanes is virtually impossible, have i got to change any settings?

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@devs, if you're trying to focus moving objects you might want to try AI Servo or AI Focus mode.

However, is AF nice and snappy when focusing stationary objects in One Shot mode? If not, the screen might not be fitted correctly.

- de

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Hi David Everett: My name is Alejandro Cabezas, and I also scratched the focusing screen of my canon 70d trying to clean it, and wanted to ask the steps to change it because it is different from the focusing screen of the 60d, which is the only one that has to change in youtube tutorial, as this screen is changed and if I could leave photos of the focusing screen you bought and had the same original form to avoid mistakes, thanks in advance and a hug

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2016? Hopefully, you already fixed this.

Anyway, there are good videos on YouTube for changing the 70D focusing screen.

I liked this one:

The process is easy, but delicate.

You should wear gloves.

You will need the replacement screen to be available, but safely out of the way so it does not get dirty or scratched.

A magnetized small phillips head or JIS screwdriver and good tweezers or forceps are needed.

You should use a clear, clean table space. You will need to remove screws, so it is best not to do this over carpeting or some flooring surface where a dropped screw can get lost.

It is best to have good lighting, and not much air motion from wind or fans.

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