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Guías de reparación y soporte para ordenadores portátiles producidos por Razer.

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What screws go in the back cover

3 of the screws have fallen out of the back of my laptop. I am wondering what size and type they are and how I could get them.

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I am also curious, razer support is horrendous.

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T5 M2-3.5L from - I got an official reply from Razer support with this information. This is at least specifically for a Razer Blade 14" 2015 model. Probably relevant to many others.

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For the Razer Pro 2017 they use M2-3.5L which can be found here (this link was given to me by Razer, who also said if they shipped them it would cost $99USD. I bought 10 for just under $20USD including shipping $.65*10 + $6s/h);


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i wrote a mail to razer for my razer blade stealth and got the replacement screws within a week

check it over here

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most laptops are assembled using simalar screws if you buy a kit like this off ebay you will probably find what you need

Hope this helps

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0.055 inches

maximum torque .43 n m

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After playing with some spare screws sitting around my office I found that the hole accepts a standard M2 thread with a Wafer Flat Head style (Tapered head to screw).

My guess is the Razer laptop backplates take an M2 x 3mm or M2 x 4mm screw. If you want it to sit flush you will need to find that tapered head. Otherwise just get normal M2 screws.

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