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My G4 looses power on startup

I power on my Mac, a gray screen appears with an apple in the middle of it. Then, 5 seconds later, the system shuts off!

The adapter is good & I am able to charge the battery.

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See if it will start from the optical drive. The iBook G4 has no PRAM battery, it's function is built into the main battery. There is a capacitor that holds a 20 second charge when the main battery is pulled. If it fails to start from the optical drive, unplug it, remove the battery and hold the start button down for 10 seconds. This failing please let us know and we'll proceed. This machine will boot from system 9 or 10 by holding down the option key on start-up, if it's installed. The X on the drive means that either there is no bootable system or the hard drive has failed. If it boots from the installation disk go to the second page pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk Utility and see if it sees the drive, if so then try to repair it.

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Thank you for your response! I do not have an installation disk. Would it be a good idea to purchase OS X v10.6.3 Snow Leopard?

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No, your computer will not run Snow Leopard. 10.6 requires an Intel processor. The newest operating system your computer can use is Leopard 10.5.8.

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Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard requires:

A Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or Power PC G4 (867 MHz or faster) processor

512 MB memory or more

A DVD drive for installation

9 GB of available disk space or more

Some features require a compatible Internet service provider, fees may apply.

Some features require Apple's MobileMe service; fees apply.

The eMac software works on evert Mac I've tried it on:

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I was able to get a Mac OS X v10.4 install disc. I went to Utility & ran disk repair. It failed with "Invalid volume file count". Guess I need to reinstall. Thanks for your help!

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If you hear no

startup chime your machine is failing POST (power on self test). You could be trying to boot an OS X machine into OS 9

Eliminate these problems

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Could you please explain your comment to me?

"You could be trying to boot an OS X machine into OS 9".

I do not see a CMOS battery under the optical drive.

I have an iBook G4. Does this say something, when I powerup & hold down the option key, it list the bootable drives, which I only have the hard drive & there is an "X" marked on the drive.

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G4 machines could boot into Classic (OS 9) or OS X. - In OS 9 invisible files needed to run OS X could be seen and moved by the user. If that happend OS X would no longer boot.

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There were no CMOS batteries on early model Mac laptops. The main battery was also the CMOS battery.

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Then you need to install a new system the X means there's a HD but no vailid OS found.

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Did you have your iBook identified when I first answered your Question? If so I mentioned CMOSS batteries in error - I was thinking about a different machine.

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